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Tour enogastronomico

Enjoy a three hours walking tour to discover the true Bologna, and learn about its artwork, wine and culinary heritage.

Experience the city of Bologna, famous for its artistic richness and its gastronomic history. You'll discover the historical center of Bologna while tasting the typical flavors the city has to offer.
This pleasant walk is suitable for adults and children alike as you discover the sights that have made the city famous: the two towers, the Palazzo della Mercanzia, the beautiful and picturesque Mercato di Mezzo, and finally Piazza Maggiore and the charming statue of Neptune.
After each stage you'll visit the best eateries in the area and sample their delicacies.


Meeting point: Piazza di Porta Ravegnana, in front of the Feltrinelli Bookshop

- Demonstration from a Sfoglina Bolognese (pasta maker) at work at "I Portici", below the Two Towers

- The route starts crossing Via Rizzoli towards Piazza della Mercanzia, illustration of the Palazzo della Mercanzia

- Along Via degli Orefici you will pass through the area of the "Quadrilatero" to the ancient "Osteria del Sole" for the first tasting of a local wine (to choose between Prosecco, Pignoletto, Lambrusco or San Giovese)

- Advancing through the streets of the old market, second stage at the gastropub "Simoni" for the tasting that will include: a plate (tagliere) of local cold meats and cheeses and a glass of wine to choose between Prosecco or Pignoletto

- Returning then to Via Drapperie, visit to the showcases of "Tamburini" to explain the typical products (salame rosa (pink salami), prosciutto di Parma, Parmigiano Reggiano)

- Stage at the gastronomic workshop "Atti" for the tasting of the rice cake, a typical Bolognese dessert and a glass of Pignoletto produced by the workshop "Atti"

- Back to Via degli Orefici to go to Piazza Maggiore with a short visit to the Fontana del Nettuno

- Continuing towards Piazza Malpighi and Via D'Azeglio to Via De'Carbonesi to the laboratory "Majani" where you'll learn the history of this well-known laboratory and taste three types of candies (among which the "Cremino Fiat " and the Chocolate Tortellino)

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